School Reports

The Annual Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting legislation is an opportunity for MacDowell Preparatory Academy to share, with the public, information on how resources are utilized. 

Notices & Reporting


Title IX Policy

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

  • FOIA Information

Non Discrimination Policy

Pest Management

Emergency Safety Drills

Web Accessibility


Water Quality Test

Board Policies and Procedures

  • Board Policies and Procedures

Transparency Reports


Educational Service Provider Transparency Reports


Current Bargaining Agreements


Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans


Audited Financial Statements


Accounts Payable Check Register


Employee Compensation


District Paid Association Dues


District Paid Lobbying Costs


Approved Deficit Elimination Plan


Credit Card Information:


Out-of-state Travel Information

Charter Contract and ESP Agreement

Board Approved Budgets

Personnel Expenditures


Current Operating Expenditures

Procurement Policy


Expense Reimbursement Policy

Educator Evaluation Systems Posting and Assurances


Continuity of Learning

Continuity of Learning Plan - Spring 2020

Covid-19 Preparedness Plan - Fall 2020

COVID-19 Preparedness Response Plan

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan - Fall 2020

Certification for Posting of Monthly Interaction Rates - October 2020

Privacy Policy


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