Mustang Life

At MPA, scholars are provided with a rigorous academic experience and engaging extracurricular activities that build the skill and will necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.



The academic skills necessary to succeed are central to our program. Our educators are committed to the academic excellence of our scholars. Our curriculum combines rigor, technical skills, and culturally relevant pedagogy. 


We also prioritize a holistic approach to learning by purposefully integrating character development and cultivating a scholar's sense of self. Each aspect is critical to developing happy, stable and successful human beings. This approach also ensures that there is a love of learning. In the early grades, this looks like a passion for reading (developed through our comprehensive approach to literacy) and curiosity for math. In the middle school, scholars explore topics deeply with a greater focus on project-based assignments.


We create a college-ready environment where scholars are exposed to the expectations of college graduation from Kindergarten through the 8th grade. 


We utilize championed educational techniques to provide our scholars with the resources that they need to be competitive in high school, college and beyond.

MacDowell Preparatory Scholars working in small groups

MacDowell scholars receive individual and small group instruction to support them in meeting their academic goals.

MacDowell Preparatory Academy Scholars working with technology

In preparation for the 21st-century economy, MacDowell scholars use technology to practice skills and complete assignments.



School Day

At MacDowell, scholars receive rigorous academic content and opportunities to cultivate their unique passions. During the school day, we offer PE, Art, and Music as part of our core curriculum. MacDowell also offers debate classes, tutoring, and scholar mentorship as extracurricular enrichment.

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Community Partners

We partner with community organizations to offer after-school enrichment and athletic programming, such as RacquetUp Detroit. Please click on the logos below to learn more about the organization!



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